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All Superstars Unite

Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals Superstar is synonymous with street culture. The shoe was thought to be ‘too funky, too expensive’. Our task was to establish Superstar as the cult brand for all creative folks anywhere in India.


Young, creative people are always in search of a chance to prove their worth, this is truer for an overpopulated country like India. We decided to give them an opportunity. We recruited successful youth icons from diverse genres like- fashion, photography, EDM, Graffiti, and turned them into our spokespersons.

We then asked our TG to inspire their idols with ideas, for a chance to collaborate and share the stage with them in the Superstar’s next project.

To reach out to our TG, we formulated a 360-digital campaign; we created content through reputed bloggers and floated the hashtags #AllSuperstarsUnite and #SuperstarStory; we also created videos and marked our presence on social media through promoted posts and stamp ads.

#SuperStarStory trended for over 10hours on twitter

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