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Make Noise

Check Noise

Microsoft Forefront

The task from client was to design email communication for the CIO’s and CXO’s of the enterprise organisations, pitching them Microsoft Forefront Security offerings.


However, the specified targeted audience gets bombarded with such communications day in and day out, from not only Microsoft but also, its competitors.


How do we break this clutter, and stand out, so that we are heard?


We decided to flip the entire approach, and instead first targeted the IT workers. A nationwide survey was launched, where the information workers were asked if their organisation’s security system bugs them as much as it keeps the bugs away? If it does, then it’s time they Make Noise and be heard by the right people.


The results of the Make Noise were shared with the CIO’s and the CXO’s of the organisations, presenting them the noise their employees are making about the current security system bugs, and it's time that they Check Noise and take corrective action.

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