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Sensodyne has been the torch bearer in Indian market to sensitise audiences about Tooth Sensitivity. It launched communication campaigns over the years, which educated the audiences about the problem, the science behind it and how the Sensodyne works.

All this has been done by being authentic and genuine in their communication. The use of Dentist as the messenger has worked well for the brand.

However, there is still a large segment of Sensitivity sufferers, who ignore the problem as a minute discomfort and have made compromises.

Our job was to target this segment, who are segmented as “Aware, But Non-Triers”.

We then dug deep for more insights and found out that each one of such sufferers had once enjoyed his/her favourite Hot or Cold food items, and for each one it was unique and special.

Taking this insight, we knew the relationship with that food item was more like a love affair, which over the time has gone sour because of Tooth Sensitivity.

Rather than talking about the problem itself, we decided to make this relationship as our communication device.

#ForTheLoveOf… was then designed to showcase our love for food without the worry of Tooth Sensitivity. This was done first through a series of ASMR videos, which tantalised and romanced the experience of indulging in piping hot and frozen cold foods. Then we did a series of videos, which were about everyday individuals who because of their love for a particular food item, never let Tooth Sensitivity get in the way and continued their love affair with the food.

Enter COVID. Which stopped all production work in the middle of a running campaign.

But it also gave us an opportunity to think outside the box. We realised that with everyone in lock down, people were really missing out on their favourite food experiences. As a brand, we stood with the belief that nothing should come between you and your food experience. We encouraged our audiences to start making Popsicles at home, or to indulge in a chilled Dalgona coffee, or to recreate a famous restaurant kulfi, so forth and so on. Our audience engagement really shot up. We then tied up with famous Chef influencers and did a series of live Instagram sessions, where they helped audiences crack their favourite hot/cold dish all For the love of…

We also leveraged Indian festival season and created two films, which took the message that no matter what the situation is, you shouldn’t let anything come between you and your favourite food item.

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