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Wake Up To Tooth Sensitivity


Wake up to tooth sensitivity campaign was in it’s 3rd year. The objective has been to educate consumers about tooth sensitivity. However, the awareness was still low. There was still a segment of sufferers who didn’t see the problem as serious enough to take action.

Sensitivity sufferers have a strained relationship with several food items. They might be having them, but they never really enjoy it the way they should.


Through specially curated food walks with Sensodyne users who for long had a similar strained relationship with some of their favourite food items, we were able to capture some authentic stories from actual Sensodyne users (highlighting how they are now able to enjoy those food items back).

Rather than going product out, we were able to tell human stories of benefit from actual users themselves, which were not only relatable, but also gave a kind of mirror experience to the audience we were targeting.

Check out the case study video for more details and the great numbers it generated.

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